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Carambola new breed is sweet Yang Tao 3
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Red in September fragile (provisional name) it is science of park of city of Henan province Luoyang the institute was 2005 when fruiter resource census the peach of discovery is extremely late-mature new strain.

(1) appearance of botanical feature tree opens business partly, 1 year unripe branch positive aspect shows wine, shady area shows green. New tip reseda, positive aspect has blush. Blade green, bigger, open and flat of face of blade, advocate reseda of arteries and veins, xie Yuan is toothed round blunt form. Bud hypertrophy, the circle is cone-shaped, corollaceous pink, pollen capacity is much.

(2) gains is main character fructification intimate circle, average sheet is weighed if really 360. 0g, the biggest odd fruit is heavy 750. 0g. Peel impression is olive, the move is rosy color, nap is rare short, fruit is very small dash forward. Fruit handle is shorter, stalk is depression narrow, medium deep. Both sides semmetry, sutural shallow and apparent. From the nucleus, pulp green white, the flesh is qualitative fine, fragile, have small sweet, fiber is little, gust is sweet. Content of content of solubility solid form 14. 00% ~ 15. 00% , can feed rate 96% , be able to bear or endure lay aside carry, 7 ~ can be deposited 10 days below room temperature, do not crack if really.

(3) unripe the way corp is growing of characteristics of grown junction fruit is able-bodied, budding rate is high, cheng Zhili is strong, branch is brawny, new tip grows on average 65. 0cm, long, medium, short fruit-bearing shoot distributings more reasonable. Yi Chenghua, long, medium, short fruit-bearing shoot is occupied respectively 40. 00% , 22. 00% , 38. 00% , bud is initiative section low, answer bud is much. The 2nd year of average individual plant after nursery stock is cultivated is produced 7. 5kg, the 3rd, 4 years average individual plant is produced 40, 60kg, physiology premature drop and before collecting lighter. Sit naturally to be led if really taller, bai Hua is strong. But a few configuration pollination trees.

(4) content is awaited period Luoyang area is visited in Henan, the last ten-day of a month in March is budding, come by March at the beginning of April spend first, the first ten days of a month filled a flower in April, the middle ten days of a month extended a part of a historical period in April, the middle ten days of a month can gather fruit in September close, gains growth period 165 days or so,