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Make feed additive with garlic
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Young chicken is used in the flesh 3% ~ are added in feed the garlic feed additive of 5% , not only but appetite of chicken of promotional meat young animal, improve chicken quality, make the fragrance of chicken becomes more full-bodied, and can raise fryer day weightening finish significantly; The garlic powder of 0.2% is added in chickling feed, can make chickling survival rate raises 5.8% ~ 15.6% . The garlic premix of 2% is added in laying hen ration, laying rate can rise 98% ; A few garlic are added in pig feed, the growth that is beneficial to a pig development; 3% ~ are added in milk cow feed the garlic of 5% , day produces grandma quantity to be able to raise about 2 kilograms.

The treatment method of garlic feed additive is as follows:

1. Add when the quantity is little, can decorticate bright garlic pound, mincing or make garlic mashed vegetable or fruit with meat chopper, in joining feed next, sufficient agitate raise is fed. When dosage is big but will bright garlic (do not need flay) the requirement that press place first the bases with feed (it is corn commonly) mix, undertake smashing next, of active ingredient of both neither influence smash the effect, can make garlic mixes in feed again even. Add a quantity to be 1% ~ commonly 5% .

2. Add garlic (broken bits) when powder, first garlic or garlic broken bits (the leftover pieces after carrying oil with vapor distill) make powder, join feed directly in proportion next medium or join carrier to make feed of the rejoin after mixing an agent beforehand. In the accretion in feed quantity chicken is 0.2% ~ 1% , pig, ox is 0.5% ~ 1.5% .

3. Add garlic water or alcohol soak thing. When using garlic water to extract content, eliminate moisture evaporates after extraction; When using alcohol to extract content, evaporate eliminate alcohol. Former press in gallinaceous feed 0.02% join, pig, ox is pressed 0.05% join; Latter is pressed in gallinaceous feed 0.03% join, pig, ox presses 0.05% ~ 0.1% join.