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Earthnut makes a technology extraction oil
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Earthnut is one of main oil-bearing crops, its are adipose the content with protein is higher, to raise the utilization rate of earthnut and its by-product, increase production value and income, introduce a kind of earthnut to rectify bead to take oily new technology now, appearance of the raw material after oil expression keeps basically changeless, and oil yield not under 22%-25% , and the level that takes out oily quality to accord with edible oil.

Desquamate of 1. dried fruit is in groundnut water content 4.5%-6.5% . earthnut dried fruit, take off in desquamate machine cortical, mix dust of take out of groundnut sift out again foreign matter, in order to have oil expression is used.

Processing of 2. Bao Ren takes clean calico a certain number of piece, put pignut above, include cake account.

Oil expression of the machine on 3. puts the earthnut cake that has wrapped 90 model on oil press, crush out grease is pressed below the pressure of 25 million handkerchief, after taking out deep-fried dough cake, grease classics extract can do edible or sell.

4. is flat benevolence reductive the benevolence cake that takes out, rectify benevolence rate to occupy commonly 49% , half benevolence rate is occupied 39% , defeat benevolence rate to be only 12% the left and right sides. Because its lost water,be divided and adipose, reductive when but even affiliation the of 10% water of its weight, 10-20 after minute, can reductive into former bead appearance.

5. note (1) groundnut water content must be controlled between 4.5%-6.5% , water divides exorbitant influence oil yield, and the meeting when moisture content is too low increases broken benevolence rate; (2) the pressure when oil expression should maintain in 25 million handkerchief, pressure breaks benevolence rate can increase greatly too, pressure is too little can affect oil yield again; (3) reductive the groundnut after because half benevolence rate is more, can fry ripe or snack is made sell after oil is extracted.