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The seed selection of bridge of tower of peach precocity new strain
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Tower bridge is Heibei province the peach precocity new strain that Liu Ansheng of villager of village of inn of double Liu of Wu Qiao county singles out. This village was bought from county of Heibei province full city 1986 come early long protect, Chun Lei and big long 500 individual plant build Bao Taomiao field, discovered 1990 among them gains of 1 plant performance is big, blade is big, thick green, strong flourishing of the way corp is growing, satisfy grafting grow seedlings to establish garden, cultivated 26668m2 1995, show this village to already developed 2hm2, entire county cultivates 6hm2.

(1) appearance of botanical feature tree is erecter, in relief flame of 1 year of unripe branches is Brown, the reverse side is cinnamon. Blade long ellipse wraps around needle form, thick green, blade grows on average 15. 57cm, wide 3. 85cm, petiole is long 0. 83cm, tip urgent needle, foliaceous radical wedge, xie Yuan is blunt toothed. Nectary circle, big and apparent, 2 are given priority to. The flower is rose form, leaf is spent first pink, become cardinal later, pistil compares stamen slightly low, without normal pollen.

(2) gains is main character fructification intimate circle, horizontal diameter 8. 7cm, vertical diameter 8. 4cm, side diameter 8. 5cm. Average sheet is weighed if really 250. 0g, the biggest odd fruit is heavy 420. 0g. Peel impression is virescent to green white, half peel is worn rosy color is dizzy, fruit is very small sunken, sutural shallow, fluff is shorter, two half more symmetrical. Peel comes off not easily, sticky nucleus, pulp white, close skin and close nucleus place are gules, pulp is soft, juice is much, gust is sweet, quality is good. Content of content of solubility solid form 8. 50% ~ 11. 50% . 1 week can be deposited below room temperature, do not crack if really.

(3) situation of tree of characteristics of grown junction fruit is able-bodied, budding rate 80. 5% , cheng Zhili is stronger, the mouth is cut to allot a branch after 1 year unripe development branch cuts length 6 ~ 8, grow on average 47. 6cm. Below better level of management, 7 years of unripe trees are tall 2. 9m, coronal 4. 57m×2. 45m, kilocycle 39. 9cm. Written guarantee the fruiter is given priority to with growing fruit-bearing shoot result first, cheng Guo period cultivates short, medium, long fruit-bearing shoot all can result. Bud is initiative a the 2nd ~ 3, answer in bud much. Sit to be led if really taller, early fruit sex is stronger, the 3rd year of result after nursery stock is grown, the 4th year individual plant produces 5kg, 370kg of every 667m2 crop, 7 years of unripe trees are average individual plant is produced 33. 8kg, 2500kg of every 667m2 crop.

(4) content is awaited period Wu Qiao county is saved in Heibei, budding on March 25, in April 7 ~ 8 days only then flower, 11 ~ filled a flower 13 days in April, florescence 8 ~ 10 days. The last ten-day of a month extended a part of a historical period in April, the first ten days of a month took a tip in May. Fructification autumn was controlled on July 10, gains growth period 85 days or so. In October fallen leaves of the last ten-day of a month, year bear period 210 days.
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