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Skin of a fish is deep processing technique research and development is successf
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One aims to carry on any account to be worth fish the piscine skin that additional cost, improvement is short of health of iron sex crowd is deep processing technique, already was learned by Zhejiang ocean courtyard and research and development of researcher of limited company of science and technology of biology of Zhejiang Hai Lisheng are successful. Deng of adviser of doctoral student of college of ocean of task leader, Zhejiang Professor Shang Gui says, brainpower realizes a product to take off raw meat or fish through using physical method revolutionarily, solved chemistry to take off raw meat or fish to go the security issue that put, add up to the breakthrough on got-up technology through hydrolysis child chela, the iron that in letting a product, joins can be human body place more easily to absorb, this is the two big characteristic of this project.

Deng Shanggui predicts, the solid bestow that carries an item the promotion henceforth, besides can improve health of crowd of the sex that be short of iron, the product amount that still will increase Zhou Shan and even whole nation to process low cost fish and fish by-product to regard protein food as the source and quality, the by-product high cost that can solve Zhejiang basically to save fish to machine an enterprise to arise already changes development to use an issue, can increase the marine low treatment that be worth a fish and the additional value that use again, have active sense to promoting strategy of Zhejiang ocean economy to carry out.

It is reported, this project saves project of great science and technology for Zhejiang, with low cost fish or the protein that fish machines by-product are main raw material, through method of contemporary biology science and technology production gives the functional food product that includes a variety of forms such as additive agent for food, capsule, tablet.