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The practice of face of fried bean sauce
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Claver says less, will do directly! Face of fried bean sauce has diced meat commonly with the egg, I like. A measure is different, scramble egg or fry diced meat, jian hou mian is same, I am done two kinds commonly, mix.

Raw material preparation: The 6 dry salted and fermented soya pastes that reside surely a sweet sauce made of fermented flour of a shop making and selling sauce of garden of 1 bag of days half bags (remain half bags to be able to make Chinese style salad, dip in turnip, lettuce eats) , egg 2, fat lean lean is fourth (flay) 100g, have inside the supermarket sell the sort of flay steaky pork man, it is OK also that he is made, steaky pork cuts the Xiaoding of half centimeters of square. It is good that all sorts of dishes pile up more month, cucumber and bean sprouts still have common gratified li of beautiful turnip and soya bean are cannot little, silk of horn of heart, lima-bean, bean curd doing, beans looks at other Chinese cabbage prepare. Unripe of course garlic also is indispensable, summer is eating antiseptic, still have green Chinese onion, Jiang Mo.

Mixing as to what prepare two kinds of sauce is such salted and fermented soya paste works sweet, but if use a salted and fermented soya paste, too dry too salty, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour smell is sweet, tie-in as it happens, scale is sauce of knead dough of salted and fermented soya paste 2: 1, with respect to perfect.

Diced meat also be too fat too thin bad, steaky pork has want interest, easy stir-fry before stewing gives oil to come, such talent are welcome.


1. Egg break up joins starch (the egg will be tenderer, amylaceous 1 spoon) with little cooking wine (go egg raw meat or fish 1 teaspoon) with salt, after oily heat, scramble egg have a recipe, use a chopstick namely, can fry medicinal powder and every egg be heated is even, leave boiler, take a chopstick rapid inside boiler agitate comes loose, the egg changes yellow maturity fill come out stand-by.

2. Oily boiler puts a bit oil less, stir-fry before stewing of medium baking temperature fries steaky pork man after oily heat, wait for lardy piece, add little cooking wine to go raw meat or fish, add again a few unripe smoke, fill diced meat next piece.

3. What there is flesh of stir-fry before stewing inside boiler is lardy, mix sauce of knead dough of salted and fermented soya paste with a bowl even, medium baking temperature fries sauce, such sauce talent is welcome.

4. Sauce gives sweet smell, enter diced meat next or the egg is fourth, jiang Mo (cut especially fine) , turn small fire, slowly boil, sauce and diced meat are harmonious, that ability is delicious, need not add salt and candy again, sauce has his salty sweet taste, bubble 10 minutes of Chabuduo, look at, not be agitate peace conference, if felt to work, add bit of water less less.
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