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Green pepper fries diced meat
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Burden: Flesh of gram of sulphur toot?50, poor racoon dog is 150 grams, lardy 250 grams (restrict cost 75 grams) , cooking wine 10 grams, soy 25 grams, refined salt 2 grams, white sugar 3 grams, gourmet powder 3 grams, egg 25 grams, dry amylaceous face 15 grams, water is amylaceous 15 grams, water 150 grams.


1. racoon dog flesh abluent piece into 1.5 centimeters thick piece, had patted with two sides of the back of a knife blade, reoccupy knife surface is calm pat, make the flesh fibre is loose, cut the man of 1.5 centimeters of square.

2. Diced meat is put into the bowl, join an egg to mix divide evenly, rejoin refined salt, do amylaceous area size, green pepper choose is washed clean cut man.

3. The get angry that fry pan burns heat, after using oily boiler, join lardy burn to 6 into heat, put diced meat to slip medicinal powder, the spoon that use a hand breaks up, inspect diced meat to become angry, put green pepper man to cross oil, enter oil accuses inside strainer.

4. Fry boiler to be put on fire, add cooking wine, soy, white sugar, gourmet powder, water, tick off Gorgon euryale, put diced meat, green pepper man, join ripe lardy (10 grams) turn over divide evenly, give boiler to be become namely.