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Delicious and clinking interest talks about the piscine soup of Yunnan
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Yunnan person loves ” of “ fish soup, because its are geographical the environment is humanitarian of folk-custom different, the diversity having a way of piscine soup is mysterious even and strange. The most delicious fish soup in flavour of another name for Yunnan Province is fish of “ clear soup. ”

Clear soup fish calls live fish of “ flowing water ” again, ” of fish of water of Taoist sacrificial ceremony of another namer “ , the good water that should use place boils fresh live fish. The size master of ” of soup of fish of “ of city cafeteria cooking, know ” of knowledge of little place of local water of this one “ scarcely, boiled ” of “ fish soup instead ” of flavour of “ fish and shellfish as food, it is to be in commonly ” of ” of fish of cook “ broth, “ dish Shang Yu and ” of soup of fish of “ gourmet powder. Of course, this also cannot the education quality that time level differs blame size masters to learn school ” with “ food is not high. Natural environment of saying “ one party is moist ” of one party scenery, size masters cannot move ” of mixed “ natural environment move to be used when “ spice ” in city old hotel. Additional, the breed aquatics nowadays fishiness way nature is inferior to natural and wild fish, labour feed becomes the use person such as fish of carp, grass carp, catenary, collect blame fish quickly raw meat or fish of earth of soft fishiness of long flesh qualitative bubble. The clever ” of “ rich large fine of China food is enjoyed besides exquisite and intuitionistic artistic modelling, mouthfeel outside, literate still the ” of “ clever interest on intellectual respect. Sweet ” of book of meal caraway sweet “ , although cannot kiss enjoys ” of “ the luck to eat sth delicious, the “ on perception of spirit of ” of “ console oneself with false hopes is met an eat ” and increasing ” of knowledge of literacy of a bit “ also is extremely comfortable of disappear idle happy enjoy! At least fun is: Eat a curious and eccentric “ food ” later, the ” of “ thinking nerve in the head won't be muddleheaded, want the “ spice ” of ” of “ literacy knowledge many a little bit.

” of fish of clear soup of “ of flavour of Yunnan another name for Yunnan Province, class grade is highest most honour is another name for Yunnan Province ” of soup of fish of “ of Chi Jinxian fish, ever was leaders of the class that visit town a bowl of beautiful dish of honoured guest of fete foreign country or leading cadre of central ministries and commissions. The ” of fish of “ clear soup that and so on of fish of fish of what mandarin fish, snakeheaded fish, catfish, carp, grass carp, crucian carp just is later. Eat ” of “ red coat soup to hiding ” of knowledge of Yunnan of a bit “ , do not eat ” of authentic and primitive fish of clear soup of “ of flavour of another name for Yunnan Province otherwise, stress opportunity even of course. Certain person knows advanced nobility of ” of “ red coat only, writing an article also is to illuminating the data of “ learning ” of certain echo what other says to be copied at random, is not development of land of ” of “ be practical and realistic life practice “ searchs true ” having an interest. Rebel group does “ to exhibit ” during ” of “ Culture Revolution one of “ accusation of Yan Gongyan of secretary of critically will old provincial Party committee ” , it is “ have boiling water of Chi Jinxian fish of another name for Yunnan Province, drink French claret ” . For example some earlier year of Yunnan person ” of fish of clear soup of “ of carapace eating crucian carp, really pour live fish into the “ in Leng Wenshui boiler living ” ground boils boiling water, clear soup boil opens dozen of foam that abandon raw meat or fish, put bit of lardy, salt, Jiang Si, onion paragraph boil a few a few minutes again, ” of fish of clear soup of “ of flavour of another name for Yunnan Province of authentic old-style Yunnan is ripe. Dare you eat the ” of fish of “ clear soup of abdomen of this kind of belt that take like the scales of a fish? You dare not eat Yunnan in those days the woman is confined and dare eat love, use half jins or the fish of carapace of big crucian carp of 79 serious place boils ” of fish of “ clear soup such-and-suchly, hair of another namer “ suckles a fish. ”
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