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Summer faint scent 100 change watermelon banquet
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When the watermelon of the king ” that is “ summer melon and fruit appears on the market, but eat a law invariably to let everybody more or less feel be bored with having a place. We go technically melon countryside goes in for sth in a large scale learned a few simple watermelon dish to teach everybody, start work try, make dinner of one desk watermelon, regular meeting makes a people big full the luck to eat sth delicious.

Big-leaf hydrangea watermelon

This dish lets person covet with respect to enough from the exterior and color.

[Particular way]

Raw material: Vermicelli made from bean starch of watermelon, dry starch, egg, blast, white sugar

Measure: Become watermelon flesh with spoon dip spherule, wrap on dry starch and egg fluid. Oil falls to burn to inside boiler 7 into heat, play watermelon ball, fly into rage of the fire that use flourishing becomes the fish out after golden color. Candy is fried after clean boiler can edible.

Taste characteristic: Big-leaf hydrangea watermelon is sweet salty taste, outside chewing on one fragile in tender, the for a long time in entrance of delicate melon sweet be in harmony is recalled.

Delicate index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Cheese of bright shrimp watermelon

Exterior of cheese of corn of sweet simmer in water of this dish and northeast fascia food is similar, taste has however different.

[Particular way]

Raw material: Watermelon skin, cashew, shelled fresh shrimps, amylaceous, egg, condensed milk

Measure: Melon skin changes knife dissect, egg and amylaceous agitate are become mushy, watermelon skin small, cashew, shelled fresh shrimps and salt enter divide evenly of the agitate inside paste together. Oil falls inside boiler, oil is lukewarm maintain in 6 into heat, fizzle out blast of the boiler below melon skin paste into gold color, cheng Xiaosan is cut after fish out horny piece, deserve to go up condensed milk is OK.

Taste characteristic: Colour and lustre of cheese of bright shrimp watermelon is golden, outside crisp in tender, have typical delicacy, sweet, sweet, crisp, loose, glutinous, taste special muscle path, dip in on condensed milk is more delicate.

Delicate index: ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★