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Essence flavor applies mediumly in liquor
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Essence flavor already had long history in the application in liquor, the rate that grows in recent years especially special fast, can say every wine is planted received wide application. Essence flavor can be divided for natural, synthesis and ferment 3 kinds big, it is mixed in food of other industry with very extensive also, long-term since got the height of worker of flavor of domestic and international essence takes seriously, had affirmed what can install complete edible to have 17000 at present a variety of. The aroma composition in all sorts of liquor all belongs to category of composition of essence flavor chemistry, the method that uses in liquor to raise it, quality, effect still needs us brew worker and ability of joint efforts of essence flavor worker already must come true. For this, because the author is long-term the collaboration that is engaged in considering to manufacture technology with essence flavor at brew craft is discussed with research, greatly the opportunity of understanding, understanding special, the application that the experience that in this foundation admiral we sum up and lesson draw harmonic essence flavor from brew is made on the relation in order to summarize, differentiate in the quality of essence flavor especially, use method and the problem that wait for a respect to the quality influence of liquor are made mix in order to analyse research is very necessary.

The quality of 1 essence flavor is differentiated

The liquor industry history of our country long, scale is larger. It with special and huge charm experienced different development period, different disappear take time takes the place of and change differently means, also have in what produce craft respect to have a tradition especially contemporary, at the same time also traditional couple is mixed contemporarily onefold and contemporary means is developing, tick off add method is wine and wine to tick off add besides particularly traditional liquor, and of new-style liquor tick off add to cannot leave essence flavor. The use of essence flavor is the chemical composition from liquor extend the meaning develops and come. Well-known, the chemical composition of liquor 98% it is water and alcohol, 1% ~ 2% it is to show sweet the minim constituent that presents ingredient, among them what minim composition decided liquor is sweet model zephyr case. Consequently the quality of essence flavor actors or actress bad is affecting the stand or fall of vinosity directly, tell it on the whole to wine clear degree, case of zephyr of colour and lustre, aroma, flavor is having inseparable main concern. The quality of essence flavor is differentiated particularly important, be being differentiated to the quality of essence flavor commonly is to make chemically, physics and organic method will examine, should plant according to some so onefold use variety undertakes analytic examining, no matter be mellow kind, ester kind, acerbity kind wait to should be adopted from flavour of zephyr of chemistry, content with flavor of aldehyde ketone essence detect necessarily the method undertakes quality is differentiated, just can apply at liquor next tick off add, in order to ensure liquor produces the stability that character measures. Essence flavor often also is put in the issue with quite complex move in producing a course, namely a lot of element of the respect such as standard of control of raw material, semi-manufactured goods, technology, quality. For example ester kind the product is course alcohol mostly kind with acid kind undertake below the action of activator ester changes reaction to be made via fractional distillation again, so the quality issue that any processes among affect it possibly, must make the analysis before using examine when using all sorts of essence spice so, be in good position at the product quality of liquor with benefit. Of quality of its essence flavor the index method that differentiating a method is basis GB and travel mark regulation commonly will undertake, summarize as follows:
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