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Development of the flavor that contain sulfur is rapid
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In edible flavor, the flavor that contain sulfur has very important place. Because contain threshold value of sulfur flavor aroma sex of low, feature is strong, dosage is small, can use extensively at edible essence especially of fleshy flavour essence allocate, have main effect to increasing the quality of essence and class, it is flavor of very important a kind of edible, product price often reachs tens of thousands of yuan thousands of yuan in every kilogram, have obvious economic benefits.

The flavor that contain sulfur often is the minim sweet composition of food, as the ceaseless development that analyses a technology, more and more compound that contain sulfur are detected to come out in food, if armour of armour sulfur alcohol, 3- is contained in pineapple sulfur of armour of ester of acerbity armour of sulfur radical third, 3- base ester of third acerbity second; Dai Wu of ester of acerbity armour of sulfur acting second, sulfur is contained in Hami melon acerbity third ester; Bake a variety of 40 compound that contain sulfur are contained in parched coffee; Sulfur aether apperception is contained to close matter in onion 30 a variety of; Beef contains sulfur compound in volatile aroma composition 160 a variety of waiting for. Because contain sulfur flavor to have dosage small, price the characteristic with strong sex of feature of tall, aroma, get increasingly the attention of people. Come nearly 10 years, our country obtained very great progress in the research respect of the flavor that contain sulfur.

Look from molecular structure, the flavor that contain sulfur basically includes sulfur alcohol kind, sulfur aether kind, sulfur ester kind, shrink sulfur aldehyde (ketone) kind with the heterocycle that contain sulfur kind flavor.

1, sulfur is mellow kind of flavor

Sulfur is mellow kind flavor compound is a kind of important flavor that contain sulfur, also be those who synthesize the other flavor that contain sulfur is important intermediate body, it is 20 centuries a kind of flavor that development rises since 70 time, it is the minim composition of food mostly, in food content is in 10-6 or 10-9 class. Sulfur mellow apperception combines low pH indicator content has the sweet smell such as turnip of garlic of coffee, balm, green, intertropical fruit, barbecue. The preparation method of sulfur alcohol is very much, commonly used method takes the place of to use alcohol or stew in soy sauce alkyl and sulfur Niao reaction generate sulfate of S- alkyl Dai Yi, make with alkaline action next. Generate sulfate of S- alkyl Dai Yi with alcohol or bittern alkyl and sulfur Niao reaction, make sulfur is mellow with alkaline action next.

2, sulfur aether kind flavor

Have R-(S)n. - the compound of R’ structure calls sulfur aether, it is odd sulfur aether when N=1, it is 2 sulfur aether when N=2, be equal to when N or be more than 3 when for much sulfur aether. Sulfur aether kind flavor compound is but edible contains a the breed in sulfur compound is most kind, this kind of compound has sweet smell of onion, garlic, flesh, nut, almond commonly, can use at allocating the edible essence such as garlic of celery, green, leek, flesh, coffee, melon and fruit. Our country is some closer year come complex sulfur aether kind flavor is more also.
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