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Foreign capital accelerates the investment of additive domain to be bought
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In recent years, the rapid development of industry of Chinese chemical industry, provided vast development space for additive, on international a few famous additive produce business to intensify developing Chinese market in succession. Actually, be in early 1986, geleisi has taken the lead in entering China to build plant go into operation in developing zone of aid of Shanghai Min go by, produce Tailishi fluid sealant and canister use coating, 1994 additive of extend production concrete and cement additive product. Invest through 20 old strategies and develop, nowadays, geleisi established Chinese division headquarters in Shanghai, own 4 plants such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Hong Kong, basically manufacture concrete additive and cement additive, the 4 technologies service center that still built area of radiation Hua Dong, China north, Hua Na and Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, suitable heart to wait for main city in succession, base of 4 big production sells a network with what expand increasingly.

Geleisi regards “ innovation and creativity ” as the driving force that the company grows from beginning to end, reform “ ceaselessly apply with the core value concept of innovation ” in innovation practice. It is with building materials product exemple, geleisitong crosses Beijing cement and concrete technology center to will come from the innovation achievement this locality of center of American research and development to change, make fit local raw material and execution condition, the “ China that realizes cement and concrete additive makes ” . Through offerring complete range of products and solution, distinctive product and technical advantage, the quality of global consistency controls a standard, the product applies Geleisi already extensively at Daya Bay of harbor of deep water of big bridge of big bridge of Chinese the East China Sea, Hangzhou bay, foreign hill, Guangdong / the orbit of magnetism in suspension of mountain bay nuclear power plant, Pu Tian and the natural gas project of Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong.

Lang Cheng group is building manufacturer of additive of a lube in Shandong Qingdao at present, this one project is a component of strategy of Asia of Lang Cheng group. This factory be subordinate to belongs to chemistry of mattress of Lai of company of doughboy of Lang Cheng collect, investment dimensions is millions euro, predicting at latest will 2008 the four seasons spends formal put into production, employee number will be 50 people at first. Chairman of group management board of directors Dr. He Deman expresses Lang Cheng: “ this action is to drive Lang Cheng is in of the Asia but the another important step that profitability business growth strides, lang Chengzheng is expanding actively the business that is in this one area. ”
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