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The food safety of our country and food antiseptic current situation and analysi
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"Civilian it is a day in order to feed, feed with An Weixian " . The investigation that controls management board according to national provision medicines and chemical reagents shows: Only 2004 a year, have mound " of mature vinegar of Taiyuan of " of footing of chaffy dish of " of the food safety event with the major effect such as incident of incident of incident of incident of in relief poisonous milk powder, Guangzhou poisonous wine, rice of the poison that cause cancer, Hunan day lily and " of " Sichuan pickle, vermicelli made from bean starch of " dragon mouth, " Chongqing, " 40. Austere with each passing day food safety topological features, let common people one's heart still fluttering with fear not only, more make national leader extremely worried. 3 times according to National People's Congress of 10 whole nations second reading group introduces the conference, 95 when set of two conferences table receives a delegate to be referred jointly this year second reading in, the platoon of second reading amount of food safety is in the first place. And about the same same time, henry family name is delicate source (Guangzhou) food limited company produces contain forbidden use " Sudan is red the pepper sauce of a " by urgent recall; Also discover in Kendeji's condiment contain " Sudan red a " , these incident caused the representing inside the meeting more the wide attention of safe to food problem. Anyhow, the food safety problem of our country makes a person can care.

The link that involves food safety issue is very much.

All sorts of contaminant in vegetable, commissariat are opposite save up human body health constituted serious menace, look previously index of the food pesticide remain that Yao cannot reach, heavy metal transcends the problem such as mark, place realistically in everybody before table. The investigation that occupies concerned branch shows, as a result of pesticide problem, allowance of incomplete of ill other people exceeds the produce that has 38 % state specified standards, pesticide of partial area vegetable exceeds mark scale to be as high as 80 % ;

The phenomenon such as drug of hormone of the abuse in pasturage aquiculture process, antibiotic, animal is very common, breed a product to already was opposite of the countryman healthy constitute very big menace. Happen in the incident of lean lean essence of Shanghai this year, cause hundreds philtrum poison. Investigate discovery, fleshy pig comes from Zhejiang province, according to breeding an introduction, they add lean lean essence of life in breeding a process! The iceberg that exposes a security of product of our country breed aquatics one horn. In the meantime, our country pasturage breeds a product to also face the green barrier of his country, make the breed aquatics of the first dimensions of our country world big commerce of pasturage aquatic product is measured not as good as the 1 % of world congener product!
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