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Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) market competition still lasts
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Vitamin B2 is in whole vitamin kind portion of the crop in the product is in about 1.4% , in the vitamin have in B a group of things with common features 11.11% . Competition of domestic production company is at present intense, scale of product production value is not large, and crop dimensions already exceeded 5000 tons, manufacturing company measure achieves 7, and every enterprise scope is not little. The competitor drop off on the international market, hubei is at present wide aid drug industry limited company already was one of suppliers with the biggest whole world, it is before 2005, the technology of vitamin B production of pharmacy of edge of cropland of German Ba Sifu, Japan and company limited of fierce cropland chemistry is advanced have very large dominant position. As the growth of cost, the move that foreign vitamin industry purchases, only to 2007 DSM and BASF still are in foreign enterprise continue to produce vitamin B2, year of crop of two enterprises it is respectively mix 1500 tons 2000 tons.

Enter production of drug of raw material of Chinese vitamin B2 already expanded to Home 5-6 produces a business by 2 2008, always produce can (include to build with extend project) conservative estimation has 6000 tons. The DSM on the international market has 2000 tons of yield, BASF has 1500 tons of yield. Be informed from this, b2 supplies global vitamin ability many tons about 9000; This crop is more than global demand far. Chinese actual output should be controlled in 3000 tons 2007, the share of 1/3 is held inside its China, exit uses the market share of 2/3. And to 2008 domestic output should achieve 4-5 kiloton, when be being begged for be more than when the market so, price nature is most likely. Especially those just the enterprise of put into production, still do not stabilize in craft, crop and client when, the price also can follow only mainstream market value glides all the way.

June 2008, vitamin B2 (80% norms) market price case was 2006 the lowest price since, clinch a deal the price is in 135 yuan / Kg left and right sides, exit 22$/kg is mixed with current cost price level, almost all supply can pursue without what profit. Because cost presses muscularity, summer to overhaul,waited for a reason July, partial company stops, be restricted to produce, the price has a bit pick up, still do not have big improvement at present.

B2 major company has used global vitamin ferment craft, among them especially DSM and BASF ferment with corn a future life produces B2 earlier, what home uses zymotechnics the earliest is industry of drug of Hubei extensive aid, and when introducing this technology at that time, should say to more advanced production technology is inside alive bound limits, industry of drug of extensive first half of the year 2005 aid begins to use corn starch sugar, convert again after 2006 cassava starch ferments craft, big political integrity restricted cost.
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