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Edible flavor market
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Market of edible flavor essence has latent capacity yield extremely 30 thousand tons, sale L0 is controlled 100 million yuan wander, average price is controlled in kilogram of 35 yuan of / , most and state-owned company and numerous civilian battalion enterprise is in in cheap market cruelty competes, overcapacity, have the state of price great war. And in high-grade product of enterprise of state-owned, civilian battalion have proportion not quite, a large number of portion by 3 endowment the enterprise is occupational. In L0 in 100 million yuan of sale, cold drink occupies 51 % about, candy bakes the goods that bake occupies 25 % about, dressing occupies 1 7 % about, other occupy 7 % about. In market share in distributinging, 3 endowment the enterprise occupies 17 % about, state-owned company occupies 55 % about, civilian battalion enterprise occupies 24 % about, other occupy 4 % .

Food industry close L0 year will develop a condition good, maintained continuously, the posture of fast, healthy progress. In gold of food industry capital, proportion of foreign capital gold is amounted to 23. 32 % . Content of manufacturing technology science and technology increases relatively, deep treatment, finish machining is developing to depth, this is the outstanding characteristic that food industry grows in recent years. Go to the lavatory especially the development such as food, recreational food, health food is rapid. Beverage of food of all sorts of goods of quick frozen food, cooked food, dressing, gift, tea and fruit vegetables beverage still can have greater progress space. These develop the health that drives essence flavor industry, market potential is very tremendous.

Healthy, nutrition will be henceforth people is right the main body demand of food. Cold drink market will still carry year of increase rate of 20 % above, breed pattern won't produce too big change. Beverage market has the increase rate of 20 % at least, among them tea beverage, fruit vegetables beverage and lacteal drink will have more substantially growth, especially tea beverage market rises twice. Tea beverage already took the country such as Japan, United States this country the 25 % of beverage market gross, and China occupies 2 % only at present. Possibility of candied market growth is not large. Bake the food that bake year increase rate will exceed 10 % . Convenient cover market is basic and saturated, fleshy products and refrigerant and convenient food will have greater progress. In the meantime, as a result of the elimination of custom duty camp, former outfit imports food also market of will occupational share, affect market structure. But China's peculiar food hobby won't be changed considerably, traditional food will still become food to consume main body. Same, the exit of Chinese characteristic food also will make the new window that economy grows.
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