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Health master states with respect to fountainhead incident
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Yesterday, the message says, urban tap water is purified and the mineral water that health master respect admits to its Hangzhou produces base place is become really. That evening, health master issues statement at this point, state this water is a foundation with clean water, added the additive that accords with GB, final water also is the product of mineral water series that accords with GB.

Say according to the report, a few days ago, the netizen publishs a name to be on the net " health master: Where is your high grade fountainhead? " article, article author says Ceng Qian enters “ of works of water of health master Hangzhou to explore ” discovery, the “ that health master claims in the ad that mineral water turns newly in its chose ” of high grade fountainhead, be outfit of tap water fill actually. After the article is released, numerous netizen criticises health master is suspected of false conduct propaganda in succession.

The report says, this netizen ever slipped into health master to be located in development of Hangzhou economy technology 4 aves 27 manufacturing base, the discovery after making an on-the-spot investigation does not have so called “ at all near this base ” of high grade fountainhead, the natural fountainhead of only pollutes serious Qian Tangjiang namely, then this netizen judges or of “ health master to use tap water treatment, or uses water of dirty money pond river, do not have the ’” of ‘ high grade fountainhead that it says absolutely. To this, chief admits related ministry of public relations of limited company of food of Hangzhou top benefit, health master Hangzhou produces the mineral water that base place produces, it is to use urban tap water to filter via water filter system really come out.

The reporter covers health master aspect with respect to this matter, that evening at 9 o'clock half, health master states to our newspaper hair. Say in statement, what health master produces is drinkable mineral water, be it is a foundation with clean water, add the mineral raw material that accords with the national level such as additive agent for food and nutrient additive again, water quality accords with beverage of national level GB10789 completely “ is concerned in general rule drinkable the definition of category of mineral water ” . Country of “ my company produces base each, all with strict manufacturing technology, the mineral water system that is in next national level is relevant and normative become making to have countrywide consistent level lists a product, ask consumer to set one's mind at drinkable. ”

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