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Enterprise of edible flavor essence should father to close quality
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Edible essence flavor is a kind big in additive agent for food, it is to point to those who accord with national sanitation to ask to be used at food to endow with sweet flavor monomer or mixture commonly, it is the raw material with food the most significant production one of complementary makings.

Edible flavor essence also is mixed like that one day synthetic cent. Flavor composition is simpler, as oily as orange, attar, citric oil belong to natural flavor, it is OK also that in use can use as monomer with other flavor answer match: The ester of second acerbity second, ester inside the last of the ten Heavenly Stems of sweet Lan Su, γ- , δ- 11 inside ester, second radical is malt phenol belong to flavor of artificial synthesis monomer. Essence is by one plant or of a variety of balmy material, dissolvent or composition of food processing aid have certain aroma feature and pH indicator mixture, its composition is complex, spice of little a few kinds of monomer is comprised, many ten kinds a few kinds are comprised to about a hundred kinds of flavor very, for instance orange essence, yoghurt essence.

Rise as the standard of living of people, consciousness of people safety health protection increases gradually, pay attention to “ more and more 2 words of natural ” . Especially in last few years, a few illegal manufacturer disobey the doing of relevant law laws and regulations in producing a course, also make people came into being to be anxious to the security of additive agent for food. Regard the production of edible flavor essence as the enterprise, should close good “ quality ” , enhance the stability of product quality and security, offer safe, reliable high quality food to use essence spice for people, this are more and more important nowadays, also become one of lasting targets that the enterprise seeks.