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Problem of market of edible flavor essence is heavy
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Problem of market of edible flavor essence is heavy

The applied range of flavor of essence of our country edible is very at present wide. According to statistic, 51% what application of cold drink beverage occupies gross of edible essence flavor about, candy bakes the application that bake is occupied about 25% , dressing application is occupied about 17% , other application is occupied about 7% .

Wide applied range provided vast market space for edible essence flavor. Of quick frozen food and functional food, convenient food, microwave food arisen with promotion, the development open up that is edible essence flavor more wide market perspective. Additional, as life rhythm accelerate the development that reachs tourism, convenient food also has greater progress, drove synchronism of new-style and compound flavoring to develop thereby, flavor essence market is valued.

Good prospect caused the intense competition of essence flavor industry, company of each flavor essence thinks method to think to in market of edible flavor essence ” of this “ cake comes up in succession, meanwhile flavor essence market produced heavy problem.

The breed that is essence is too onefold. For instance Chinese style dish is very famous in the world, but dish essence is relatively fragile.

2 it is essence quality remains to rise further, not typical or some essence fragrance is not aroma inadequacy, stable;

The 3 production that are edible essence appear a miniaturization, individual the trend that change. After our country joins WTO, the malpractice of dimensions of this kind of small business is increasingly apparent. Put in bigger difference when with international photograph of person of the same trade is compared.

4 it is to need to strengthen business management, the policy code that is badly in need of industry of concerned flavor essence appears.