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An Qi is yeasty: Growth of prospective outstanding achievement is clear
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On July 26, the company is released metaphase outstanding achievement reported 2008, come true advocate business Wu income 621 million yuan, grow 28.82% compared to the same period; Unless,buckle regular the net profit after increase and decrease fifty-seven million eight hundred and sixty-seven thousand eight hundred yuan, grow 22.51% compared to the same period; Realize every profit 0.218 yuan. Analyst of negotiable securities of the Yangtse River thinks, company 08, will be 9 years to produce can outspread summit, outstanding achievement growth is relatively clear, maintain “ to recommend the investment grade of ” .

The analyst thinks, interest rate of integrated wool of report period company promotes profit from two respects. It is solve basically what administer as sewage, the fall after a rise of gooey price, the sale wool interest rate of dominant product yeast gets small pick up, by 30.5% promotion reached medium-term 2007 32.19% . Predict as esteem left produce can release ceaselessly, the advantage that ground of raw material of company profit from produces, hopeful of interest rate of yeasty product wool continues to pick up. 2 it is product structure is optimized further, the yeast of tall wool interest rate is derived article occupy come than farther promotion 25.59% . Although as a result of cost reason, originally rate of gross profit of sale of product of deep treatment of report period yeast falls to 36.54% , but still the wool interest rate of product of prep above yeast, pull thereby tall integrated gross profit leads report period.

In addition, the company is dedicated all the time at “ internationalization, specializationed yeasty enterprise ” , in raw material concentrated ground sets a plant, research and development is established thick and fast to use sale network center, integratedly in the technology, built NIC (National Integrated Company) mode. The analyst thinks, two years increase rate will hold company future in 20% above, can enjoy certain excessive price, 08, city of 9 years is filled with rate it is respectively 30 with 25 times, reasonable price is 14.1—15.5 yuan, current share price is underestimated.