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Japanese food safety superintends system and system analysis
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The system of law law plan that Japan ensures food safety

The system of law law plan of safety of Japanese safeguard food is mixed by basic law law composition of plan of law of a series of major, special law. "Food Sanitation Law " and " food safety basic law " it is two old basic law. "Food Sanitation Law " be was promulgated 1948 and the course edits for many times, revised since 1995 only 10 for many times, revise recently in May 2003. According to amendment of new Food Sanitation Law, japan will be carried out formally at rising in May 2006 " chemical of food remain agriculture affirms list system " , prohibit containing namely not set is the biggest the agricultural chemical of standard of rudimental set limit to and what its content unites standard food more than is current. Japan already made the farming animal drug of rudimental standard formerly have 350 kinds only, and the number of uses actually farming animal drug on the world has 700 a variety of, according to day Fang Yuan sets, to making the farming animal drug of standard of rudimental set limit to, although discover the rudimental volume in some kind of food on the market is higher, also be punished without reason and prohibit its are sold. Announced in August 2004 " definite list " revise and made 669 kinds of pesticide, additive and animal use medical remain level, of the set of farming animal drug that establishs standard of rudimental set limit to to doing not have " uniform standard " numerical value is very low, it is 0.01PPM only. The food that this prohibits having notting establish standard of set limit to of remain of farming animal drug namely actually enters Japan. To stress food safety further, japan was promulgated 2003 " food safety basic law " . This law establish " consumer is consummate " , " scientific risk is evaluated " and " arrive from the farm monitoring of mensal whole journey " ; of food safety concept asks to be in the each link that home and the food that import from abroad supply chain ensures provision is safe and allow preventive the entrance is contraband. Such, although Japanese government cannot ask to export the country is abided by and Japanese country is same mandatory checking program, dan Kegen undertakes to importing a product according to this law stricter examine.

Be in Japan, laws and regulations of the major that involves food security, special law is very much, include quality of food quality sanitation, produce, investment to taste (additive of drug of pesticide, animal, feed) 5 respects such as protection of epidemic prevention of quality, animal, plant. Basically have: Ba ┮ ┤ > persimmon of amine of thin ⅰ of ā of a kind of sedge first > grass law of? of thin ⅰ of ā of avarice of し of static ≡ of  of Sui of sunken appearance of thin ⅰ of ā of a kind of sedge " , " aqueduct law " , " soil contamination avoids a law " , " standards of aricultural product quality and correct label law. As the domestic amplification to organic produce demand, japan was promulgated 1992 " organic produce and special help advance somebody's career produce mark standard " and " organic produce production manages essentials " , on this foundation, was made 2000 and carried out formally on April 1, 2001 " Japanese organic food produces a standard " . In addition, japan still made rules of many relevant form a complete set, to make and implement a standard, examine detect wait for an activity to lay legal basis. According to these law, code, province of deep unripe work promulgated Japan standard of many produce quality mixes 2 000 many pesticide of 1 000 remain standard, province of aricultural aquatic product promulgated standards of quality of 351 kinds of produce.
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