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Bosses admit the amount of hot pot of food additives by the number of own hand
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CCTV reported, the reporter hot pot restaurant in Nanjing, exposing the hot pot soup contains large amounts of food additives, and most of these are difficult to guarantee the quality of the pot at the end material, for this look attractive, the smell of fragrant hot pot soup Industry insiders say there are a variety of substances through the blending of color formed. By people like the hot pot has become a "chemical pot" is not a good regulatory control with respect, but simply do not eat hot pot shop owner's own pot. Reporter Yingying Wang Chiu trainee journalist on the reports / photo Ben Baoxun Recently, Changchun sudden drop in temperature, minus 20 degrees Celsius temperature, so many people like to go to dinner are extra hot pot restaurants, because eating at the same time, we can keep warm. Looked at numerous soup pot at the end, many consumers are guilty mind whispered, free end of material feed and paid at the end what is the difference between? Spicy soup and the taste of red super-fragrant soup base, it really can make people eat at ease? This reporter conducted an investigation. Status>> A wide variety of hot pot It is understood that some small mini hot pot restaurants and fashion stores of the pot at the end for free, including soup and spicy soup. In the vicinity of Chongqing, a shabu shabu shop, free soup, and spicy soup a fee. This spicy soup is a pepper in the soup Riga clot, if that is not hot enough, you can be a few more peppers clots. According to a pot shops have opened Sun introduced the soup pot shop just put a few slices of ginger, jujube, and a few wolfberry, the cost is not high, and the soup base are also blending in order to attract tourists to free the money from green vegetables and other side dishes and then hook on the back. The increase of pepper clots, which are also a bit of butter and food additives "hot oil" blending. Hot pot restaurants that pepper the clot is not provided free of charge. Mr. Sun said: "This one fact, not much money, not free, is to give customers create a misconception that this kind of thing is very expensive, in fact, this is a good tune prior owner, and then wrapped into a single block and then sell eating is also very good to eat, customers are also willing to add this, this clot into spicy chili, HOT two, you can own flavor. " Now a wide variety of hot pot soup, a sauce, soup, soup base, fungus soup, spicy soup ... ... for this expensive soup, some customers will choose this. This may in the end is not really like the bottom of the pot hot pot propaganda so good, only they themselves most clearly. Survey>> Spices business market fire Yesterday, the reporter went to visit Changchun wholesale spices and found that pot at the end material is placed in the most prominent position, the "hot pot flavoring agent," "hot oil", "hot oil" and so on. The taste of these food additives, the store owner is very familiar. For the "hot oil", a seasoning Zhang boss about the line, "Do not look at it a bottle of only 500 grams, but hundreds of the pot hot pot to blending, each only a few small droplets can be placed. Hotpot soup color is very positive, and very red, it looks You Wangwang, and a look on the very appetite. " Zhang boss house also has "hot oil", "only to spend this additive, the smell of pot out at once, you use this seasoning it, taste very good, only 35 yuan a bottle, if long-term cooperation not only delivery, the price can be negotiated. "to pull in the press, Zhang boss also disclosed that" I'm here to have herbs, hot pot is always played in the material I have here, as well as food additives, spices and poppy seeds oil 3A, If put together in the pot, sure taste good. Changchun City, a lot of hot pot restaurants, all in my order. "pay for a variety of hot pot soup restaurant, or by blending the flavor and ingredients brewed the same. Shop>> Not say the specific amount Seven or eight visited wholesale seasoning, adding hot pot at the end looked a dozen food additive materials. Specifically asked how much of each additive should be put, many bosses are hard to explain, only vaguely described. "This kind of additives you put it, put the number of specific, try to know." One owner said. Reporter View the four or five hot additive specifications, the above simply indicates the site, some of QS certification number printed, but the specific amount was not marked, but was written: the amount of moderate. These hot additives eligibility, how to deploy, based solely on the packaging is not known additives pot. For the "hot oil", "pot fragrance agent" QS certification number on the subject, the reporter can not check for them. In this regard, Guangfu Road, Changchun City of Industry, market management branch of law enforcement personnel, although some product manufacturers and the make, but there may be counterfeit brands of products, some QS certification for the standard, there may be privately labeled , so it can not find the. Law enforcement officers>> Difficult to monitor use of additives Wang Changchun, the public, said: "I like to eat hot pot, especially in the winter like to eat, but also points to some spicy hot pot soup, but each time is not diarrhea after eating sore throat, and I thought, this may material on the bottom with the hot pot, but not too much mind. " According to a pot shop owner said that "now with real materials if the hot end of the expected deployment to the current price point of view, certainly not to make money, we all use this pot additives, no secret in the industry, and some Customers also know. This thing is a wish make a wish to suffer, as customers like the taste, the business will meet as much as possible. This thing will eat several times not to eat a big problem, so we are using. " Store the current widespread use of pot the case of food additives, industrial and commercial law enforcement officials said that some stall holders selling food additives, because there are formal channels to purchase vouchers and product quality certification, it can not be found from the distribution channels of its problems, but into the market, in the end be made of the uses of the hotel is difficult to control. ˉ ā?? Song state γ?