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Global Oriental tobacco supply
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According to information from the U.S. "Tobacco industry communication," the message, in recent years, the global spice tobacco supply and demand in general to maintain a balanced state, but analysts point out that this situation is not optimistic. The global inventory of oriental tobacco, for example, over the years its stock has been in a "nearly depleted" state, allegedly stocks in 2010 has been close to zero. If the cigarette manufacturers on the requirements for smoke flavor, as now, still close to the average yield, then it can not be in stock. Data, Izmir, Turkey, in 2009 the production of oriental tobacco 61000--62000 tons, an increase of about 4%; Bulgarian oriental tobacco production was 20000--22000 tons; Macedonia, the production of oriental tobacco 20000 - 22,000 tons, production of oriental tobacco in Greece, 20,000 tons, so that the output, it is difficult to meet the tobacco manufacturers on the demand for oriental tobacco.