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Public Dietician knowledge: common food additives
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(1) preservatives (2) antioxidants (3) hair color agent (4) bleach (5) acid (6) coagulant (7) Baking Powder (8) Personnel Testing Education Network by thickening agent (9) consumer foam agent (10) Sweeteners (11) coloring agent (12) Emulsifier (13) quality improver (14), anti-caking agent (15), flavor enhancers (16) Enzymes (17) cover film (18) made foam agent (19) Preservatives (20) Spices (21) Nutrition Enhancer (22) other additives. Preservatives - are commonly used sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sulfur dioxide and lactic acid. Used in jam, preserves and other food processing. Anti-oxidants - and preservatives like, you can extend the shelf life of food. Commonly used dimensions C, D C and so different. Coloring agents - commonly used synthetic pigment carmine, amaranth red, lemon yellow, indigo and so on. It can change the appearance of the food, it increased appetite. Thickener and stabilizer - can improve or stabilize the physical properties of cold food, make food look fine lubrication. They make ice cream and other frozen food maintained long-term soft, loose organizational structure. Nutrition Enhancer - to enhance and complement the food of some nutrients such as minerals and trace elements (vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts, etc.). All kinds of infant formula to contain a variety of nutrient enhancer. Leavening agent - to add some candy and chocolate leavening agent, can contribute to sugar the body produces carbon dioxide and thus play a role in bulk. Personnel Testing Education Network http://www.chinatat.com commonly used are sodium bicarbonate leavening agent, ammonium bicarbonate, composite leavening agent. Sweeteners - artificial sweetener commonly used are sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate and so on. Purpose is to increase the sweet feeling. Sour agents - part of the beverage, candy and other agents often used to regulate and improve the sour flavor effects. Used citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, lactic acid and so on. Whitener - whitening agent benzoyl peroxide is the main component of wheat flour. China's food in the flour, add the maximum dose allowed 0.06g/kg. Brightener exceeded, will destroy the nutritional flour, produced by acid hydrolysis may cause liver damage, benzoyl peroxide has been in the European Union and other developed countries prohibited as a food additive. Spices - spices are synthetic, but also natural, flavor a lot. Consumers eat a variety of flavors of chocolate, the production process widely used spices, it has a variety of unique flavor.