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Add ingredients of Chinese food export safety
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U.S. food sales to China, from 2001 to 2008 increased by 3 times, but when the Chinese food imports in the United States "refused" the number of each year is 3 times higher than in other countries, of which the safety of food ingredients to add , Food exports are becoming "rejected" an important reason. Shanghai Jiaotong University recently held in food safety and nutrition strategy seminar, the experts suggested that China should pay more attention to prevention of food safety incidents, rather than The aftermath of such incidents. According to former Deputy Minister of the United States Department of Agriculture, Lu Boxun Food Safety Research Center Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Ren Zhushan introduction, after investigation, the Chinese food sold to the United States refused, because of food hygiene issues in the past, but in recent Years, the main reason is the added component of food insecurity. Many experts put forward, from the numerous seminars on the statement, you can see China's food safety management in the gap with the developed countries - most of the time, representatives of concerned countries is how to prevent food Security incidents, and the representative of China are more concerned about food safety after the incident, the aftermath. How good control of food sales before the food quality and safety, the quality of Chinese food abroad questioned a Chinese food Quality assurance, is that governments and experts, issues of common concern.