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Faddish standard updates lactobacillus beverage urgently
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■ the industry goes situation
After prince grandma initiated beginning of industry of Chinese lactobacillus beverage 1996, accompany consciousness of Chinese consumer health in recent years rise, the rapid development be pregnant with that gives birth to bacterium market for lactobacillus, beneficial tremendous business chance. Amount to can, magnate of 3 yuan of Yi Li, Meng Niu, estate waiting for breast is entered in succession with beneficial unripe bacterium is health to appeal to the product market that seek, each businessman also monarchs additionally in the price great war that grow in intensity path, appetent here the domain weighs a fist to hit out. On the seminar of lactobacillus of the 4th Asia that held a few days ago and seminar of the 3rd lactobacillus and healthy international, the expert is forecasted, future 3 - will be Chinese lactobacillus industry 5 years of rapid development " gold period " .
Consumption increases by degrees every year 25 %
Concerned data data shows, be in abroad, ferment model lactobacillus milk drink is all-time already develop, japan, Europe ferments lactobacillus suckles beverage to already achieved 80 % in proportion of dairy produce market, north America makes an appointment with 30 % , lactobacillus industry exceeded the increase rate of other dairy products greatly in the whole world.

Current, the whole world contains lactobacillus, beneficial to give birth to the dairy produce production value of bacterium to already amounted to nearly 40 billion dollar, europe has the market of about 50 % . On Chinese market, happy besides the prince milk that major produces this kind of product, beneficial much substandard, to comply with consumptive trend, and can the break out of an encirclement in the big fight from traditional market, business of production of milkings, beverage mixes content of science and technology in succession in the product line of vision that the lactobacillus with additional high cost, beneficial lays bacterium product to bring into his. Amount to complete B of bacterium of bacterium of LABS of BE80 bacterium, can unconscious ox, Yi Li LGG, flavour - the product such as bacterium of + of E of Longum, bright vigor appears on the market in succession. Lacteal trade great war of China, aim at lactobacillus this one new industry, open up relatively the field of World War II of high-tech content.

Allocating model an auspicious situation leaves lacteal drink market, the lactobacillus beverage that is a representing with prince grandma is to advance triumphantly more. Dimensions of market of beverage of our country lactobacillus already amounted to 2.5 billion yuan 2006, year total output breaks through 500 thousand tons, lactobacillus industry dimensions already exceeded 16 billion yuan of RMBs.

Forecast according to the expert inside course of study, reach those who consume ability to rise to fermenting lacteal nutrition value is known as people, "Healthy " another focus that after the concept will lead active lactobacillus beverage to become afterwards delicacy to suckle, lacteal industry competes. Current, our country active breeds beverage is consumed with annual the speed of 25 % increases by degrees, emerge reveal a batch of well-known trademarks such as prince grandma.
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