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The understanding error of saline taste essence
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The biggest error on understanding of saline taste essence is to think essence of saline taste food is flavoring. Like be the same as other provision essence, essence of saline taste food can manufacture additive of medium a kind of fragrance as treatment food only, cannot direct edible, also cannot regard a kitchen as the condiment of the raw material of cook or mensal be eaten together with rice or bread directly. Although saline taste essence also is called,flavor essence, but the raw material that saline taste essence just can provide fragrance one of certain flavoring or dressing, saline taste essence is not flavoring, also not be dressing. The production of saline taste essence, sale, security demand in using and security management must press the requirement of pair of food essence to undertake, and cannot undertake by the requirement of food or flavoring.

Besides, saline taste food still has the following errors on essence understanding:

It is to think to saline taste food should not add saline taste essence or add saline taste essence bad. Of modern society standard of living rise and of life rhythm accelerate make people more and more like the treatment food with quick and convenient edible, and hope food sweet smell wants already goluptious should abound again changeful, these come true through adding food essence ability only. The “ riches and honour such as fat of hypertensive, tall blood, fatty liver is ill the popularity of ” makes people hopes more and more much edible food of protein of a few vegetables, be like soybean products, and the hope has goluptious and distinct sweet smell, this comes true through adding corresponding food essence ability only. Food essence and other the depends on it together far from existence of a few additive agent for food, quality stand or fall, oneself can make consumer be judged well and truly in the process in edible.

2 it is to think to only the developing country adds food essence in processing food, the treatment of the developed country is not added in food or add food essence rarely. The fact is, essence is one of marks with affluent society, consumption of average per capita of essence of developed country food is the more taller. The consumption of average per capita of Chinese food essence is current far under the world each are main developed country.

3 it is to think essence of saline taste food is complex. Already had before the production methods of essence of saline taste food discuss, at present essence of food of our country saline taste is for the most part move in order to result from, amino acid and reduced sugar are floral main raw material, those who pass hot reaction preparation, air is fragrant in uses grain food spice basically is natural flavor or natural be equal flavor, flavor of pure complex food holds proportion in place of essence of saline taste food very small. The security of flavor of these pure complex food also is a course strict poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties evaluates an experiment to prove is safety to human body.
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