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Plant losing day extracts content product to cannot contain sweet element
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Taste the message of chamber of commerce of imports and exports according to coming from Chinese medicine health care, recently, our country is defeated by day of plant to collect content product in because contain sweet element and the bulletin that sufferred Japanese custom. For this, cure protects chamber of commerce to warn broad membership company, after receiving foreign order, all sorts of entrances that must know entrance state in detail ask, avoid to be damaged.

As we have learned, japan is the staple market that content of extraction of our country plant exports, extracted content to Japanese exit plant in all 2007 88.39 million dollar, 19% what occupy our country plant to extract content to export total. Because extract the standard of content domestic and internationally not to agree to the plant at present, to reduce needless loss, the concerned expert proposal that cure defends chamber of commerce is relevant enterprise, from the following 3 respects take step:

It is very former complementary makings is checked and accept close. Former to offerring the manufacturer of complementary makings undertakes the risk analyses zephyr danger to evaluate, choice quality is stabilized for a long time, reputation is good, accord with what exit country asks to offer money square. Former to each batches when what purchase complementary makings, should ask to just offer the government to approbate for goods detect report or eligible proof file, sign agreement with its at the same time. Once produce a product to be gone out to contain banned additive by foreign check, be about to undertake tracking tracing to the source, responsibility is in for goods square person, be about to bear all losses that cause from this.

The 2 manufacturing processes that are strict control product, avoid to cause product pollution in producing a course.

3 be those who make good product is final supervise examine. The enterprise should ask according to the market of different country, the set limit to that specific aim ground controls certain part or banned composition.

Sweet element, its change formal name to call link personal radical amino sulphur acerbity natrium, it is the commonly used additive in food production. Current, there is the element of sweetness of taboo of 40 many countries that includes the United States, England, Japan to wait for a country inside to regard food sweet taste as the agent on the world; Have country of our country, European Union, Australia, New Zealand additionally inside 80 many countries allow to add sweet element in food.

Our country " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " (GB2760-1996 and supplementary breed) specific provision, sweet element is in the pickles, bechamel juice, the largest use amount in making up wine, cake, biscuit, biscuit, ice cream, ice-cream, ice-lolly, beverage is 0.65g/kg; The largest use amount in confiture is 1.0g/kg; The largest use amount in plum of dried tangerine or orange peel, word, word plum, Yang Mei doing is 8.0g/kg.
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