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How does cake enterprise prevent additive agent for food to transcend the proble
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Additive agent for food has crucial effect in the development of food industry. But, chaos of partial cake enterprise uses additive agent for food, cause the appearance that exceeds bid more serious.

According to major of food of oily bake of vice-president of countrywide baker branch, Shanghai grain senior engineer introduces committee vice-president Wang Guojun, cake enterprise chaos uses the travel of additive to be main show: 1. Random enlarges the limits of additive agent for food. 2. Exceed a quantity to use additive agent for food.

Wang Guojun is advanced the engineer thinks, to ensure food safety, must put an end to the act that additive agent for food uses in disorder in cake production.

GB2760 set the dosage of all sorts of additive agent for food, but some cake enterprise often holds “ to be added more safer the thought of ” , exceed a quantity to add the additive of and so on of antiseptic, emulsifying agent. Investigation makes clear, a few enterprises put the additive agent for food of and so on of agent of antiseptic, emulsifying agent, sweet taste, pigment, loosener between knead dough, the worker is added at will by the feeling when modulation dough, do not have correct and metric. What the person that have some of business management thinks superintendency branch key detects is hill pear acid, benzoic acid, so, they convert dehydrogenation second acerbity natrium comes antiseptic and mouldproof, exceed a quantity to use. Some enterprises pour pigment and water in container, when adding not metric also; Modulation doughy worker also does not say to give correct accretion to measure.

Aborning of company of partial cake food, without standard burden sheet and burden check system. When spot burden, incorrect metric, introduce ambiguous idea however, wait for a description like a few spoon, a few.

According to Wang Guojun senior engineer says, exceed range, exceeding a quantity to use additive agent for food is to violate of compasses. The country pledges 79 order set check total bureau the 20th times: Food company is forbidden in producing a course following behavior: 1. Disobey national level to the regulation is used or abuse additive agent for food; 2. The raw material of use blame edible produces food; Join be not food chemically material or regard blame food as food.

79 order set the amount that abuses amerce of additive agent for food the 94th times. If food produces treatment company to use new natural resources to produce food, new breed of use additive agent for food, but cannot offer safety to evaluate a report, concerned branch will instruct its deadline to correct; Exceed the time limit is not corrected or the clue is serious, instruct stop to produce a sale, be in 30 thousand yuan of the following amerce. The company that acquires food to produce licence has this action and the clue is serious, revoke produces licence.
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