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Beer yeast runs a system build
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“ yeast is the incorporeal ” of beer brew, the important place that this word profundity, place in elaborating yeast to be produced in beer explicitly takes. Company production is only it is insufficient that good microzyme is planted, the preservation that still must do good bacterium to plant, go down to the future generation, and yeasty amplification process of education, production detects, use, reclaim, discharge wait for yeast management job. Accordingly, the yeast that builds a science runs a system, measure stability to having all in all effect to promoting company product to pledge, big to the enterprise production also is a strong safeguard.

One, the necessity that builds yeasty quality to run a system

As the rapid development of beer company, beer scale of production is bigger and bigger also. But the yeast management kind that has a few companies still is continueing however traditional yeast management pattern: The job of yeasty administrator is confined to former bacterium save, detached and rarefied and yeasty amplification is fostered, and those who produce a course detect, use, reclaim, discharge wait for management to work by workshop or craft member will be in charge of. ” of cent piece type manages the yeasty “ of type of this kind of extensive the malpractice in producing a course actually is more, often appear be out of line phenomenon, the pace that incommensurate already company grows quickly.

The yeast management job of the enterprise should realize the quality of whole process to control government, produce the professional knowledge specialty of yeasty staff member adequately, the instrument device that uses nicety examines with what perfect, detect method, coach with scientific data for the basis production; With peculiar microbial management the concept comes the physiology that bacterium of observation, appraisal plants changes; Will govern yeasty whole quality with rational analysis, implementation specializations, standardization, make the enterprise casts off the management by experience of type of low administrative levels, extensive.

Of yeast management system build, already can scientific effectively management is yeasty, the standard uses yeast reasonably, also can reduce the manufacturing risk of the enterprise effectively, be helpful for the long-term stability of beer quality.

2, of system of yeasty quality management build

1. The secondary of fixed position layer that yeast government works is tall

In a few enterprises active yeast runs a side, yeasty staff member does not share the yeast management that produces a course, and be in charge of by workshop or other technologist, the fixed position it may be said on this kind of management is “ ” taking the branch for the root! Enterprise should the idea from local government, promote and fixed position comes to understanding and look upon yeast to supervise the work on the whole process to whole production.
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