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Clever flavour first pepper sauce antiseptic exceeds bid
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Percent of pass of quality of sauce of our country pepper is tall, but also discover partial product antiseptic exceeds bid, the expert suggests to the product of additive agent for food is not contained in choosing burden to express as far as possible. The reporter pledges from the country check total bureau learns yesterday, the country that this bureau organized the near future to produce character to measure to chili goods is supervised selective examination, selectived examination in all 11 provinces such as Hubei, Henan, Chongqing, Sichuan 180 kinds of products that 123 enterprises produce, sampling percent of pass is 99.7% , include Guiyang among them the partial product of 5 companies such as little hot younger sister is unqualified.

As we have learned, the chili goods that selectives examination this includes sauce of pepper sauce, chili oil, piquancy to bloat flavoring of chaffy dish of dish, piquancy, selective examination the project has acid value, cross oxidation value, benzoic acid, Shan Li 16 projects such as gross of red Ⅳ of red Ⅲ of red Ⅱ of red Ⅰ of acerbity, Sudan, Sudan, Sudan, Sudan, bacterium colony. In selective examination, sauce of division of state of chaste tree of discovery of qualitative check branch the sauce of sauce of Jing Sha beans that 3 father dressing factory manufactures 3 father, Guiyang is small the fabaceous Chi cake of limited company of food of hot younger sister dips in the product such as water sly mouth is microbial index exceeds bid. It is reported, microbial index is one of safe and wholesome index with main provision. There are gross of individual product bacterium colony and coliform in selectiving examination group unqualified, have G of / of ≤1000cfu of gross of bacterium colony of requirement of standard of 1 kind of products among them, via examining, bacterium colony gross achieves 16000cfu / G, exceed a standard to set a requirement 16 times much.

In addition, always An Fuxi bright labour trade limited company (Fujian) clever flavour of sauce of red oily pepper is exceeded by fish antiseptic benzoic acid first mark. Introduce according to qualitative check branch, antiseptic conduces to those who control bacterium growing with breed, extend product expiration period. Antiseptic includes acid of pear of benzoic acid, hill to wait. According to relevant provision, the largest use amount of benzoic acid of the antiseptic in chili goods is 0.5g / Kg, but benzoic acid of individual product antiseptic is 0.9g / Kg, exceed the requirement that national level sets.