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Soft drinks (be not alcoholic beverage) standard
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(Level of state of People's Republic of China)

1996-12-17 of GB 10789-1996 State Bureau of Technical Supervision is approved

Replace GB 10789-89 1998-09-01 to carry out

1 limits 

This standard set soft drinks (say to be not alcoholic beverage again) category, definition and sort. 

This standard applies to the beverage products that is less than 0.5%(m/V)  via the alcohol content that pack. 

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3 categories, definition and phyletic 

Beverage of 3.1 carbonic acid (article) (soda water) kind Carbonated Drinks 

3.1.1 definitions 

The goods that fill carbon dioxide air below certain condition. Do not include the beverage that the carbon dioxide that produces by zymotechnics oneself enrages. The content that the carbon dioxide in finished product enrages (multiple of the bulk when 20 ℃ ) not under 2 times. 

3.1.2 phyletic 

Content of former juice of  of fruit juice Fruit Juice Type not under the carbonic acid beverage of 2.5% , wait like soda water of juice of orange juice soda water, orange juice soda water, pineapple or soda water of mixture fruit juice. 

 of fruit flavour Fruit Flavoured Type with fruit is sweet model edible essence is main odorant, former juice content under the carbonic acid beverage of 2.5% , wait like orange soda water, citric soda water.

 of coke Cola Type contains essence of caramel color, coke or similar coke fruit and fruit sweet model Xin Xiang, fruit is sweet mix sweet model carbonic acid beverage. Colorless coke does not contain caramel scene. 

 of low quantity of heat Low-calorie Type with sweet taste agent all or replace carbohydrate partly each model carbonic acid beverage and mineral. Finished product quantity of heat under 75kj/100mL. other model Other Types contains plant extraction substance or blame fruit is sweet model the dielectric that after edible essence moves for odorant and compensatory human body, loses, energy the carbonic acid beverage that wait, if ginger juice soda water, sand shows soda water, motion soda water,wait. 

3.2 fruit juice (oar) reach fruit juice beverage (article) kind  of Fruit Juices(pulps)and Drinks

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