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Of rosemary fight oxidisability

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The rosemary phenol that extracts in rosemary fights oxygen function best, its fight the synthetic antioxidant such as BHA of oxidation ability prep above.

Rosemary extracts content to be when 300ppm chroma, its fight oxygen active to be equivalent to 200ppmBHA, be more than L00ppm to bear phenol. Add L000ppm to defy oxidation result at can showing when fish oil with the oil aether extract of rosemary and sage. Extract in rosemary refusing oxidation class status basically is sage phenol and sage phenolic acid and rosemary phenol, they have the active place of 2 phenolic double stay of proceedings.

Rosemary still contains rosemary in extraction content a variety of different phenol such as 2 phenol kind, these phenol kind oxidisability is fought between material with adding collaboration to use, applicable wait at biscuit, cake, banger, butter, ketchup, recreational food, use quantity is in commonly 200-1000ppm(with among them fat pledges content is fiducial) .

The extraction content of rosemary is OK liquid state or make small capsule, also can add in the product through all sorts of mixture technologies. Have in view of the extract in rosemary and olive high temperature resistant particularity, can choose in be being added at barbecue oil, cooperate with 0.02% citric acid, use birth phenol to serve as the synergist that fight oxygen sometimes.

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