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Sage is acerbity
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Our company are produced and exit series rosemary collects content product. Product active ingredient is sage acid, sage phenol, rosemary acid, rosemary phenol to wait. Rosemary extraction content is a kind of natural antioxidant, better than effect of chemical complex antioxidant, more healthy, especially its high temperature resistant characteristic. Rosemary extraction content applies extensively at medicines and chemical reagents of product of additive agent for food, cosmetic, sea, cure, health care to taste, the industry such as oil of natural pigment, nicotian, edible, beverage, feed.

Our series product is as follows:

1.Rosemary of fat dissolve sex extracts content: 5%-85% of sage acid content

2.Water-solubility rosemary extracts content: 2.5%-95% of rosemary acid content

3.Rosemary essence is oily

4.Rosemary powder

5.Have ursine fruit sick at heart additionally 25 % and the product of 95 %