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Shan Lichun
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Content 98 (% ) product standards 25KG
[Character] for powder of white crystallization sex; is not had smelly, flavour slightly sweet; is small have bring wet sex. Yi Rong at water, dissolve at alcohol. 5.48% aqueous solution are solution waiting for ooze.
Function advocate treat: For the isomer of manna alcohol, action and manna alcohol are similar but weaker. Static note solution (25 % ) hind, divide fraction translate into outside candy, major with eduction of kidney of original shape classics. Because form haemal tall ooze, can make all round organization and cerebral essence dehydrate, oedema fluid follows medicaments from uric eduction, reduce skull internal pressure thereby, eliminate oedema. Height of 2 hours of occurrence action after inject, apparent ground makes cerebral oedema gradually be pacified, nervous condition disappears, cerebrospinal fluid is pressed drop. Apply to remedial head oedema and glaucoma. Also can use at the oedema little urine with heart kidney normal function.