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Demon taro glue
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Demon taro (蒻 of Amorophophallus Konjac 蒟) herb of perennial of the Na Xingke that belong to a day, in our country ministry area and center-west region are having southwest to crop the history longly. The bases of demon taro is Pu manna gets together candy, it is food of a kind of low heat energy, low protein, tall prandial fibrous, and contain a lot often kinds of when human body place needs amino acid and microelement, as functional sex food, have certain curative effect to hypertensive, fat disease, diabetic, constipation, can discharge poisonous body endotoxin and rubbish, prevent colonic cancer. Still have Shui Rong, add stiff, stable, in suspension, gel, change character into a variety of manage such as film, felt, so it is the additive agent for food that a kind of natural health food is ideal namely.