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Agent of natural sweet taste---Sweet chrysanthemum candy
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Sweet chrysanthemum candy is from composite herb sweet the agent of new-style and natural sweet taste that the essence in Xie Ju carries. It has Gao Tian to spend, the characteristic of low heat energy, its are sweet degree of 200-300 that is sucrose times, calorific value is the 1/300 of sucrose only. Via proof of many medicaments experiment, sweet chrysanthemum candy is avirulent side-effect, without carcinogenic substance, edible safety, often edible can prevent the disease such as hypertensive, diabetic, fat disease, heart disease, dental caries, it is one kind can replace the sweet taste dose with very good cane sugar. Sweet chrysanthemum candy can apply extensively at the industry such as chemical industry of food, beverage, medicine, daily expense, brew, cosmetic, and relatively applied cane sugar can save cost 60 % . Sweet chrysanthemum candy colour and lustre is pure white, mouthfeel flavour of appropriate, as good as, it is the new candy source with development wide perspective. Sweet chrysanthemum candy is the agent of sweet taste of natural low calorific value that approachs sucrose taste what at present the world already discovered and approval of Ministry of Public Health of classics our country, light industry department uses most. It is afterwards sugar cane, beetsugar besides the 3rd kind has the substitute of natural cane sugar of development value and healthy praise highly, be gotten on by international praise for “ world ” of source of the 3rd candy.

Product characteristic:
1, security is high. Sweet chrysanthemum glycogen producing area (and other places of South-American Paraguay, Ma Xi) dweller edible already had hundreds of years of histories, did not discover any harm up to now.
2, low calorific value. Use at making food of low quantity of heat, beverage, special apply to edible of patient of diabetic, fat disease, arteriosclerosis.
3, sweet Yushui of chrysanthemum candy easy dissolve and alcohol, wait with sucrose, fructose, isomerization candy mix use taste much better.
4, sweet chrysanthemum candy is belonged to blame ferment sexual material, property is stable, not easy mildew changes, change won't produce in the making process such as food, beverage, also easily store carry. Long-term edible won't cause dental caries.
5, sweet chrysanthemum candy flavour is like sucrose, have the characteristic of distinctive cool and refreshing, Gan Tian again. Can use at making gust food, candy wait. Also can use agent of the flavour that make correct, restrain the peculiar smell of certain food, medicaments, strange flavour, replace sucrose to be used at syrup of pharmacy, production, medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water, pill. Still can use at products of condiment, pickles, toothpaste, cosmetic and cigarette to wait.
6, economy, use sweet the 30-40 % that the cost of chrysanthemum candy is sucrose only.

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