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Anthology complementary feed should notice additive agent for food
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Additive agent for food is right the half is angel for darling, the half is diabolical. Father mother should examine fair provision label carefully to go up so that explain, some things cannot appear in baby food.

Can appear:

Agent of natural sweet taste: Alcohol of pear of sucrose, dextrose, fructose, hill, maltose alcohol, licorice is acerbity 2 natrium, these come out from the extract on natural plant, can make food more goluptious, also won't have bad effect to darling.

Natural edible pigment: It is the pigment that shows automatic plant organizes straight fetch, allow to use now and already made the natural edible pigment that has national level have: Rice of element of red of salt of natrium of yellow element of turmeric element, bug glue pigment, safflower, chlorophyll copper, chili, dark reddish brown, red music and β - carotene. If see,have the pigment part beyond these, had better consult a doctor first, decide to whether eat to darling again.

Cannot appear:

Antiseptic: It has a lot of kinds, include benzoic acid and its natrium salt; Hill pear acid reachs sylvite; Sulphurous acid and its salt kind, useful still at the third acerbity salt with mouldproof cake kind. These things have harm to the intestines and stomach of darling, cannot eat to darling.

Agent of artificial sweet taste: Saccharin. It is by agent of natural sweet taste and complex of a few chemical reagents, do not suit darling to eat.