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Additive agent for food can let corrupt feed become delicate
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Can you think of? The useless flesh with burnt sticky adds on 30 kinds of additive, made ” of delicious bolus of fastfood “ flesh; Free coffee “ suckles ” of essence of life to contain a milk far from, however the mixture of water, oil and additive; The healthy beverage with bright-coloured color, it is the “ look that the pigment that comes out with the extraction after insect pulverize catchs water ” ; After in disinfection Chi Li is alled over to disinfect by, the vegetable that has cut holds good bag, change the vegetable salad …… as “ healthy ”

Unexpectedly additive does good-looking color, nice smell.

" food real situation uncovers secret greatly " the truth that tells you essential imagination to the food that be less than machines backside. The author used his experience in ground of the utmost in the book, guide the “ backside ” that food of average consumer development machines, let you know the fact that essential imagination is less than, teach you how to choose right good thing!

I should found company of countrywide first additive

This is the thing 30 years ago.

My college graduate is junior company of an additive agent for food. The job is to food processing factory of food of treatment group, place reachs the client such as individual shop to market additive. What just saw above all into me of the company is the chemical name of additive: Inferior …… of ester of acid of fat of grease of acerbity Potassium of pear of sodium nitrate, hill, pleasant

I am in an university learn chemistry, to chemistry so the noun is familiar with very, but still feel trifling and open-eyed: Those things are used in us to eat the food into the mouth unexpectedly in. And the first time when seeing food machines the spot more stunned, the result of additive is concrete too marvelous! The cod roe raw material of dark ashen, should put it in additive to immerse only night, can become like the pink is tender cod roe like infantile skin. The turnip with shrivelled beige, if be in additive bubble the word of one evening, can turn beautiful glistening turnip into pickles. Bite rise creak creak, mouthfeel it may not be a bad idea, everybody can feel taste is good.

Additive is marvelous, it is blackart powder simply. I felt to encounter the profession that suits my. Good, I should redouble my efforts, found company of countrywide first additive. There is passion in my young heart.

Should found company of countrywide first additive, must know production of a gleam of, so I should accumulate the practice experience that a gleam of produces ceaselessly above all. This is my first thought.

For instance, my before dawn got up at 4 o'clock go piscine cake (a kind of advanced fish rotten products) the factory does a good turn. Such food processing factory opens work time commonly early. I am among those aunts that make short-term work, what work to learn piscine cake at the same time at the same time is basic the method that make and production technology. After the job ends, I go to work again then.
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