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Soy pink applies mediumly in convenient food
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1, the dressing that soy is tradition of people of our country every nationality, our country is the birthplace of brew soy. In recent years the research through domestic and international scientist discovers, gene of larger nutrient health care is contained in soy, it is food of health of beneficial to human body hurtless, the globalization of together with economy develops, soy also is become internationally dressing. Soy pink or say for pulverous soy, it is with traditional brew soy is raw material, through contemporary small capsule the bag is buried, the pulverous soy product that dry technology machines sparge and becomes. Beijing emperor human relations food limited company is developed through ceaseless effort produced the series soy noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that applies to different client demand. The different cent that presses soy raw material is: 1. Pink of soy of craft of low salt solid state: Soy of low salt solid state also is the soy breed with at present maximum amount of our country produce and sale. The characteristic of soy of low salt craft is moderate of amino acid content, sauce is sweet highlight with anxious fragrance, through scientific small capsule the bag is buried, the soy pink that dry technology machines sparge and becomes, withheld the aroma part of soy effectively, the beauty in machining a process draws heart response, make the sauce of soy pink sweet, anxious fragrance is more outstanding. In convenient food, especially Peng changed the use in food to rise to flavor goodly the effect.

2, tall salt is rare ferment craft soy pink: Tall salt is rare those who ferment the tall salt of soy points to also is the salinity that fermenting the soy in process wines with dregs is opposite taller (18 % above) , ferment the aroma composition of generation is more, sauce is sweet especially fragrance of sweet, ester highlights alcohol, also have the sauce that call its ester sweet style so. Beijing emperor human relations the day type of food company ferments craft soy belongs to this kind, the reservation tall salt for utmost is rare ferment in craft soy easy volatilization aroma composition, we use scientific small capsule bag to bury a technology, appropriate sparge is dry condition. Pink of soy of high rare technology basically maintained day type to ferment the characteristic of soy, and via dry treatment the beauty in the process draws heart response, made up for sauce sweet (Jiao Xiang) the defect with insufficient flavour, little taste, sauce is sweet, Jiao Xiang, mellow sweet be in harmony of sweet, ester is an organic whole, it is to make up food of dish of soup makings, meal, flesh to flavor the good flavoring that reachs high-grade Peng to change provision.
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