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All sorts of additive agent for food
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Acidity conditioning agent: 18 kinds of edible such as acid of second acid, lactic acid, citric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, tartaric acid, apple are acerbity

FightKnotAgent: 2 oxidation silicon, phosphoric acid is acerbity calcium of aluminium of 3 calcium, silicon, microcrystalline cellulose, ferrous 5 kinds of edible such as potassium cyanide fight knot agent

FightOxygenChangeAgent: Aether of fennel of hydroxyl of ascorbic acid, butyl (BHA) , different toluene of hydroxyl of ascorbic acid natrium, 2 butyl (BHT) , the antioxidant of 15 kinds of edible such as ester of third of establish acid, phosphatide, rosemary, gallnut acid, TBHQ

AddStiffAgent: 32 kinds of thickener such as plant glue, metamorphic form sediment, yellow former glue, isinglass

LubriciousAgent: 22 kinds synthesize 44 kinds of pigment, natural pigment

Water portion maintains a dose: Phosphate kind in all portion of 11 kinds of water maintains a dose;

PengLooseAgent: The Peng of 8 kinds of edible such as vitriolic aluminium ammonium, bicarbonate ammonium, calcium hydrophosphate, bicarbonate natrium, bicarbonate Potassium, vitriolic aluminium Potassium, calcium carbonate is loose agent;
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