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Without additive
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Because “ milk was added recently 3 get together the happening of ” of cyanogen amine incident, make additive agent for food also incur injustice. A lot of people think, the food that always has additive is not safe provision. Not long ago, shi Jiang moves Chen Jun of academician of nutrition of center of control of Chinese disease precaution and researcher of food safety place, Chinese Academy of Engineering:

3 get together the toxicant that law of cyanogen amine dispute joins is qualitative, not be; of additive agent for food the food that the provision that does not contain additive is not safety certainly.

Can go up in media forum, academician of Mr Chen stone faces “ to whether be opposite add in food 3 get together the query of the standard ” that cyanogen amine should have an amount, old academician expresses clearly: “ 3 get together cyanogen amine is toxic substance, in wanting to add provision only, no matter more or less be,break the law. Let us impossibly these brainpower that get food security establish what standard to it. ”

■ about additive agent for food

Compatriots is put in two big misunderstanding

Additive agent for food is the soul of company of food production treatment. Positive-appearing image if a person was over without the soul same, from worldwide will tell, additive agent for food is very important.

But at present compatriots has two misunderstanding to additive agent for food, it is to think “ additive agent for food is harmful ” , some media direct or signal report additive agent for food is poisonous, if “ saccharin is poisonous ” ; 2 it is conduct propaganda of misdirect sex commerce, some food label makes clear line out: “ is tasted originally do not use any secondary colour element and antiseptic. ”

The function that additive has is clearly, the nutrient value that it maintains or increases food itself while, regard edible of certain and special board as the necessary burden of food or composition, increase the quality of food and stability, improve its organoleptic attribute; The production of facilitating food, treatment, pack, carry or deposit.

If provision is same need not additive, we are then invisible today so the food of rich and colorful. The mankind can stay in the food stage that takes cankered metamorphism. Specific and character, if there is antiseptic in soy, that soy becomes moldy very easily addle, grow very easily because of soy bacterium, so antiseptic can extend alimental expiration period. Return somebody to be afraid of fat cannot take candy more, sweet taste agent satisfied this subhuman requirement. Fleeciness agent, character reforms the agent is waited a moment, make food looks good-looking while mouthfeel it may not be a bad idea, this is attributed to the contribution of additive agent for food.
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