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Of hemp hot banger make
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Hemp hot banger
Raw material: Pig lean lean 35 kilogram fat 15 kilogram
Condiment: Chili pink 250 grams Chinese prickly ash (fry) 125 grams dried tangerine or orange peel (small fry) 50 grams anise 10 grams cassia bark 10 Ke Bai cardamom seed 10 grams Xian Jiang 150 grams green Chinese onion 1.5 kilogram of 150 grams soya-bean oil 1 ~ of refined salt 1.5 kilogram white sugar 250 grams of 1 kilogram liquor 75 grams of gourmet powder
Cooking method: Hemp hot banger is new a kind of occurrence clyster kind new breed, its color, sweet, flavour, form all as discrepant as other banger. Sweet piquancy is heavy when taking food, salty in the belt is sweet, have hemp tongue feeling a bit, can appetitive, gust very beautiful, get consumer reception quite.
The method that make: 1. Raw material arranges: Cut pig lean lean, fat small.
2. mixes makings outfit fill: Salt and saltpetre water mix, first mix into enters the flesh that has wrung inside, rejoin other complementary makings (chili pink, Chinese prickly ash, dried tangerine or orange peel, anise, cassia bark, Bai Kou mixes powdery) is ground in all after frying, dip 6 ~ 8 hours, fill can be installed after waiting for burden tasty.
3. air basks in: Install the air after fill to bask in 10 days or so, wait for cortical have hair giving oil a bit hard, OK and immigrant indoor hang airing, finished product is namely after 25 days. If stoving can reduce air,bask in time.
Edible method: Because have piquancy,this is tasted, appropriate is boiled with slow fire alone or evaporate, cool hind can section is installed dish.

Custodial method: Air of short-term keep in storage is hanged can. Be like more long-term keep in storage, can hold parched sausage into deep crock inside (best below the bamboo on mat is worn or head of Bai Kaigan clean basket a) , every put a sausage, use aerosol spray wine, till had been installed, build a fact, put inside shady and cool and ventilated library, can save 4 ~ 6 months, gust is changeless, hemp is hot goluptious.
Dish characteristic: Degree of finish is even, appearance has salt efflorescence a bit, show amaranthine tape yellow, the hand is felt have good sense.