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Fleshy products is improved agent
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Extend product expiration period: Prevent product putrefaction.

Our country has not set the antiseptic that allows to be used at fleshy products clearly at present.

Salt of acid of hill pear acid, pear of lactobacillus, hill, bloat to Shan Li acerbity salt is joined in bacon goods and reduce nitrite dosage, lactic acid streptococcic element,

EDTA cooperates acid of ammonia of albumen of n of i of N i s , milt, pleasant, phosphate, dextrose acerbity calcium.

Improve product quality of a material: The product mouthfeel that adds character to reform the agent can make be made good, structure close together, section is rich and flowing, stretch.

Albumen of amylaceous, caky sex, card pulls glue, Huang Yuan pink of essence of taro of glue of beans of Er of glue, melon, demon, phosphate.

Improve product colour and lustre: The agent that deliver quality is commonly used haveInferior amine of acyl of sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, smokeEtc. Nitrite applies in fleshy products the most extensive.

Natrium of c of V of D — different: Oxidize in order to prevent muscle red protein. Pigment is to pass the color of oneself to give food coloring directly, add quantity take into consideration the circumstances and decide, bowel of high temperature ham is used extensivelyGong QugongPigment; Microtherm meat products is Western-style enema kind useGong Qugong pigment is more, a few is usedRouge is red.

Endow with at product fragrance: The flesh kind essencePig, ox, chicken, dog, sheep, seafood, special add sweet agent
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