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The treatment craft of lactobacillus beverage
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The treatment craft of lactobacillus beverage

Manufacturing technology
⒈ technological process
After active lactobacillus beverage and beverage of blame active lactobacillus are machining the distinction of the process to basically depend on burden antiseptic,

⑴ recipe and mix allocate
Ⅰ of lactobacillus beverage recipe:
Acerbity breast 30 % candy 10 %
Pectic 0.4 % fruit juice 6 %
45 % lactic acid 0.1 % essence 0.15 %
Water 53.35 %
Ⅱ of lactobacillus beverage recipe:
Acerbity breast 46.2 % white sugar 6.7 %
Albumen candy 0.11 % are pectic 0.18 %
Citric acid of % of acid-proof CMC 0.23 0.29 %
Phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen natrium 0.018 of 0.05 % sweet Lan Su %
Honey peach essence 0.023 % water 46.2 %
Wait for Bai Sha candy, stabilizing agent, emulsifying agent and integrated agent to be blended together first even, in the hot water that adds 80 ℃ of 70 ~ dissolve adequately, after classics is antiseptic, cooling, be the same as agent of fruit juice, acidity one case with ferment breast mixes amalgamative agitate, join essence to wait finally.
In lactobacillus beverage most the stabilizing agent that often uses is pure pectic or the complex matter with other stabilizing agent. Normally pectic have first-rate stability to casein grain, because,this is pectic it is one kind gets together half lactose aldehydic acid, negative electric charge is taken when PH value is neuter and acidity, will pectic in joining acerbity breed when, it can adhere to the surface at casein grain, make casein grain takes negative electric charge. Because same sex charge is mutual repellent, can avoid casein to mutual group becomes big grain between grain and produce precipitation, the degradation trend in using a process considering pectic element and it is worth in PH 4 when stability first-rate characteristic, accordingly, antiseptic before adjust the PH value of beverage of lactic acid seedling commonly for 3.8 ~ 4.2.
⑵ all pledges
All make its droplet is changed imperceptibly character, raise makings fluid viscosity, restrain the precipitation of particle, enhance the stable result of stabilizing agent. Lactobacillus beverage is more appropriate all pledge pressure is 20 ~ 25 MPa, 53 ℃ control temperature.
⑶ hind is antiseptic
Ferment the antiseptic purpose after allocating is the storage life that prolongs beverage. Via the beverage after fill of reasonable and antiseptic, asepsis is installed, its storage life can amount to 3 ~ 6 months. Because lactobacillus beverage belongs to fast acerbity food, the pasteurize when reason uses high temperature weak point can get commercial asepsis, also can use taller antiseptic condition to be like 95 ~ 105 ℃ , 30s or 110 ℃ , 4 S. Manufacturer home but the actual condition according to oneself, antiseptic to above system makes corresponding adjustment, for the product that packages to plastic bottle, 95 ~ are used after general fill is installed 98 ℃ , the antiseptic condition of 20 one 30min, undertake cooling next.
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