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China has poisonous food encyclopedia
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1.Send cancerous poisonous rice high (Chen Hua grain, laborer grain) and with this kind of rice treatment makes made Peng Hua provision wait: Edible this kind of rice, light appear disgusting wait for a phenomenon, long-term edible causes cancer possibly still;
2. hair water ticks off the poisonous soy that add gives: Toxin of lead, arsenic, yellow aspergillus, 4 - pair of human body such as alcohol of methylic rice Zun, chloric third are harmful;
Ham of Jin Hua of 3. DDVP bubble;
4. of all kinds water sends the mix into in the fluid invading bubble of food to enter formaldehyde;
5. contains the poisonous candied date or jujube of formaldehyde;
The vegetable fruit that 6. remain pesticide exceeds bid (cyanogen of phosphor of spirit of tick of zinc of manganese of Niao of phosphine of Ding Xi of 100 bacterium Qing Dynasty, times sulfur phosphor, benzene, careless pleasant, worm, Dai Sen, DDT, dipterex, kill with poison, parathion, much bacterium, 2 Qin, fluorine; The Zhang Bei " of pesticide of gigantic poisonous tall remain does not have vegetable of " of social effects of pollution;
7. raises the chemical composition in the lean lean that go out pork to be in with " of essence of " lean lean medicine is clinical on can treat asthma;
8. machines made poisonous melon seed with mineral oil, after the mineral oil in food enters human body, can stimulate the digestion of human body, light can appear the symptom such as giddy, disgusting, vomiting;
9. uses the hearts egg that the gallinaceous place that imposes Li Sugong raise produces, cause severe anemia, leukaemia, medullary pathological changes to wait;
10. immerses with pig human excrement the strong-smelling preserved bean curd that make;
The shrimp of fresh of great capacity that make water of 11. choose and employ persons immerses;
Moon cake of 12. black heart; Mix into adds the moon cake of chemical fertilizer;
13. degenerative beans is suckled;
14. adds the steamed bread that adds an agent, steamed twisted roll;
15. is used sulfureous fume white tremella, chili, Chinese prickly ash;
16. uses the strawberry of hormone accelerate the ripening, yangtao;
17. does the footing of Chongqing chaffy dish of coagulating agent with olefin;
18. coloring element catchs the green tea that make;
19. uses the Sichuan pickle of souse of banned " of " industry salt;
20. uses sulfureous and fumigated potato;
21. fleshy, Xie Kuan, the poisonous leek with long, close look, this goes out with fill of "3911" pesticide dip, the person that its hangover brings about edible has a headache, dazed, disgusting, faint, much sweat, vomiting, diarrhoea, serious illness can appear the demote below work of choline of breathing difficulty, insensible, blood;
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