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What nutrition substance to add in milkings?
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Contain in bovine breast many Potassium, calcic, natrium, magnesian, phosphor, sulfur, chloric the constant that waits for human body place to need is mineral element, be ideal is natural filling calcium food. Since such, is the liquid state that sells on the market had in breast, acerbity breast necessary add the additive agent for food with various items? What nutrition substance to still add after all in milkings?

When nutrition of college of Inner Mongolia agriculture and Guo Jun of food hygiene doctor accept a reporter to interview, say, because bovine breast is a kind can the food of in a popular style, and character is stabler, the ideal carrier food that so bovine breast still is all sorts of nutrient aggrandizement agents and functional additive, can the need according to different crowd, science adds vitamin, microelement, indispensible fatty acid to wait for nutrient aggrandizement agent reasonably, and beneficial unripe bacterium, beneficial gives birth to element (functional sex is low get together candy) wait for a variety of additive agent for food and functional additive, make milkings more nutrition, healthy.

Guo Jun says, connect ordinary people to more or less have repellent mentality to ” of “ additive agent for food. Actually, waiting for dressing like salt, gourmet powder, soy is the cook that occupy the home indispensable element is same, ” of “ additive agent for food is the “ soul ” that food treatment craft, recipe cannot lack. The purpose of use additive agent for food is the quality that improves a product, increase nutrition, because deteriorate,prevent and appear harmful material and waste. But using the additive agent for food, act that is not additive agent for food even to conceal the inferior, adulterate, destination that make a holiday is immoral not only, also violate relevant byelaw or law.

Pure ox breast does not have additive agent for food normally. Acerbity milk needs to add a few additive. Acerbity breast may add stabilizing agent, thickener, can prevent statified, appear big cheese piece, improve the subtle move of pure ox breast. This kind basically is plant glue kind, still use the enzymatic preparation that causes protein cross-linking at present, these additive dosage are in 0. 5 % the following. Acerbity breast still may add functional sex low get together candy (also say beneficial gives birth to element / factor of Shuang Qi hyperplasia) . Acerbity breast and pure ox breast can use element of bacterium of lactic acid practice a ball game wait for biology antiseptic, lengthen goods shelves period and stability.

Breast of design and color, or flavor lacteal series product uses a variety of corresponding additive apparently or complementary makings (if makings, cocoa) will obtain specific scene, sweet, flavour, quality of a material. The additive of type of product of each series, each class mixes lacteal powder other complementary makings uses a circumstance to see more quite. For instance sucrose, low get together mineral aggrandizement agent waits end of fat of pink of candy, dextrin, serum, establish, vitamin a moment.
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